Saturday, November 08, 2008

Check it out!!

I know its DARK! But just wait till I get done. It looks alot darker now cuz I took the picture at night so no light was coming throught my windows. But if you wanna see what I want to do just look in the new Ikea magazing on pg 163. Im accenting in red and white so it will really look awesome when I'm done. Brad has done such an awesome job doing the "honey do list". Everything is still in the middle of the room but we FINALLY got the painting done in the living room, now we just need to tackle the rest of the house...Oops (Note: Do not go througout your house painting randomly on the walls in almost EVERY room until you really know you will be painting that room within the following few days!) I am actually going to put the curtains that I have in our dining room in the Living room instead and find darker curtains for the dining room to match the black baseboards... I know... I was daring, but I ended up loving it. I am considering painting all my baseboards black throughout the whole house. Haven't got Brad talked into that one yet but we'll see.

Cool new plants!

So Brad and I were totally mezmerized by the pineapple plant, so we had to get it, I don't know why but I thought they always grew on trees. I know... I should have been born a blonde. And the other plant is my "hairy plant". Thats what I call it anyways. My sister in-law kati has this same plant and she inspired me to get it. Her's is huge and she says she has to give it hair cuts all the time or it would over take everything. So maybe my hair cutting career isn't quite over yet. (;

Monday, November 03, 2008

Thrown together Family Pictures

So we were up at Brads parents this last weekend in Lehi and the colors were gorgeous so I had to throw a family picture together, besides this is the only way that I will get Brad to do them, quick and just a little painful. He wines the whole time! But I still lub him so much! I think we will probably need to do some retakes cuz I look like an army soldier standing at attention. Thanks again Kati for buying the awesome camera (after brad lured you into buying it), going with us randomly to take the pictures and for offering to do our Christmas cards! You Rock! By the way just so everyone knows go to Kati's website and look at her amazing cards that she can create for you. They are way cute and totally affordable!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


So Im laying in bed trying to sleep but I cant cuz I feel bad! I'm a mean aunt Ashley! Let me explain... So earlier I was checking my e-mail and totally forgot about doing the Relief Society Program for our ward for Sunday (tomorrow) and I didn't tell anyone I would be out of town. So I was trying to re-create a format to email someone, I didn't know who yet, so they would have a program. Well, it wasn't working so well and I was getting upset. Meanwhile my nephews were just being crazy boys, which they are most of the time anyways, but tonight they were being EXTRA naughty for some reason and the BYU game was on (I dont care for the game at all) and everyone was yelling and just making enough noise to make me go NUTSO especially with the kids running around screaming. There's a computer room upstairs and my brother-in-law who just got home from his mission, bought a brand new really nice laptop yesterday and told me to keep the kids out of the upstairs. So here I am clear across the house in a dark and somewhat quiet room trying to get my relief society program figured out and I hear someone say to the boys to get out of the computer room, which I had already told them earlier more than once not to play up there. I jumped up fast to go make sure they werent torching the brand new computer and maybe I got a little carried away cuz I ran up the stairs and grabbed all the boys and told them to get their butts down stairs! Dax was the last one that I grabbed and I gave him a little tap on the butt, this is the kind of tap that guys give each other as a "good game" tap at the end of baseball games, so it totally wasn't even hard. Well as I tapped him he tripped and it kinda looked like I pushed him down the stairs and I think Tara, his mom, thought I pushed him down, which wasn't the case but I still feel really bad. So, Tara I'm sorry I would never push Dax down. I may look like I'm being firm with the boys but I'm really not. The truth is I'm a push over and I'm sorry.