Monday, June 08, 2015

Deer pebbles

This morning I was feeding and changing the babies as usual and Cohen had a poopy diaper that was full of little deer pebbles and as I was getting up and walking away to throw everything away I looked back and noticed Cohen playing with a little pebble that somehow had fallen out of the diaper!!! I scream AHHHHHHH! Then Brooks from across the room doesn't even turn around and screams AHHHHHH right back at me. I couldn't help but laugh out loud, which really confused Cohen. These little turkey's are gonna keep me laughing.

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Hiking at the red rock gardens

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Farmer Family Reunion 2014

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We had an amazing family reunion in Yellowstone this year! Tara was in charge and she got a rocking cabin in Island Park that was super nice and equipped with a hot tub, fire pit, and a huge kitchen with a huge custom made table that fit all 26 of us comfortably... The whole cabin fit all of us pretty dang comfortably! Yellowstone was amazing! Nick didn't get his wish to see a bear, but we still saw lots of wildlife and had several close encounters! What a fun weekend! Thanks Tara!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brad's 1st flying lessons... courtesy of Uncle Sam!

I wish I would've recorded Brad saying "ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, are you crazy?!" when my uncle Sam said okay it's all yours and took his hands off the controls. We had so much fun! We buzzed a couple of friends houses (swooping low and turning around the house), did a "loopty loo" aka doughnut, and made ourselves and our phones float (you go up then down quick). Crazy Uncle Sam hasn't changed a bit! It has been years since I've gone for a plane ride. So fun!!!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Huntsman gotta ride at least one ride at the carni! Natalie and Noel peer pressured us into going! Lol, Tara got dizzy and sick, she totally started shrinking in her seat and at the end she was ducked down as far as she could go... I actually on the other hand thought it was fun and not long enough! The last time I rode a ride at strawberry days I chucked up strawberries and cream! They stayed down this time! Tara luckily didn't upchuck either! Wahoo ;)

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Continuation of my soul

...I know that everything happens for a reason and I know that God knows me and has a plan for little, tiny, insignificant me! So we sent an email back to our BM telling her how we felt. She did not respond but we heard that she had decided on a different couple and that everything was good.
So for the second time life went on. We republished our profile on its about love in August of 2013. In the following months I struggled with up's and down's and Brad managed to comfort me and help me hold myself together on the downer days. Every time I started throwing myself a pity party he would snap me out of it. So by January I was becoming comfortable with just being patient and letting life take its course (see my January 13th post). Now this is proof that God has a sense of humor and never let's you get to comfortable because literally TWO DAYS after I posted my January post we were contacted by a second birth mom! Her name was Kellie and she was due the first of May and was having a boy! We were thrilled and I of course dropped my poker face and started gearing up for round 2! Now here is where I believe God really has a sense of humor! THAT SAME WEEK we were contacted by another birth mom!!!! Holy $#i%!!! We didn't even have time to get our profile down and put it on hold! Five months of waiting and then wham bam! Geesh! Our 3rd birth mom's name was Jen and she was due the end of August. She did not know what the babies gender was yet because she had contacted us earlier in her pregnancy. Now Jen wasn't 100% sure she was going to place soooo we decided to pursue both. I was really excited to possibly adopt both babies 4 months apart! Irish twins.... wahoo!!!! We ended up telling Jen right away about Kellie because 1. Kellie was very sure she wanted to place 2. She had contacted us first, and 3. She was due first. We were thrilled when Jen didn't change her mind and was okay with us wanting to adopt both babies... IF she decided to place. At this point we did not want to tell Kellie about Jen because 1. Jen was not sure 2. We didn't want to jeopardize our adoption with Kellie if Jen wasn't sure, and 3. Jen was due 4 months after Kellie so who knows what could happen.
So everything is going great I started making a baby boy quilt and buying all these cute clothes and books/toys for a little boy! Kellie was 100%. She kept telling us that she wanted to get the paper work done now before she went into labor so I was not worried she would change her mind at all. We had planned on meeting her the first of April and I felt like we were good to go.
For those of you that don't know I am an esthetician, and February through the first of June I am SLAMMED with clients. It is chaos during this time of year. I am really busy with work, and a lot of our friends and family start getting spring fever and wanna head south to the warmer weather for a visit (don't get me wrong cuz we love visitors). Add all of that to Brad starting a new job and it was MADNESS! We were traveling up to SLC like every two weeks there for a while and I guess I didn't contact Kellie enough because a few days before we were suppose to meet her in April she decided she didn't want to meet us and she was backing out! :'( Her reasoning:
She didn't think we were excited!!!
(Okay I am really gonna try not to swear) WHAT THE HELL?!? That was a low-blow-kick-in-the-gut!!! Are you freaking kidding me right now?!?!?! Obviously she was very young... and didn't understand how heart wrenching it was for us to hear that she didn't think we were excited enough. I guess the pictures I sent of the cute little baby boy outfits, and the nursery, and the fabric for the baby quilt I was making were proof to her that "we weren't excited". Is it so hard to just say "I decided not to place my baby"? That is totally fine to say those words, but to turn it around and blame us was very upsetting and wrong in more than one way. We were devastated! And I tried reaching out to her four times by pleading with her to reconsider. Unfortunately we never heard anything in reply. I still don't know what happened. I think I'm still spinning from that!
Okay I'm sorry but I must go to sleep... Stay tuned cuz there's a whole lot more! Holy crap, I should get paid for this! I couldn't make this up if I tried. Famous last words before the crap really hits the fan eh? Ha!

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Monster Trucks!!!!

Pretty sweet! We were a little deaf the next day, but it was a blast!!!!

Finishing touches

Brad finally hung this light up that I ordered. Can I just say lighting can totally change a room! I Love it!!!! Thanks for the inspiration Tara ;) Next on my list: a new entry way light and a new light for my dining room! If it wasn't for the blasted fans Brad says we need in our bedrooms I would totally do pretty lighting throughout my entire house!!! There is no such thing as a pretty fan! If you don't agree with me then prove it.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My soul! Proceed with caution... This is our long story! ;)

One day I keep thinking I'm going to write our story. Well I guess tonight I will write just a bit. There are so many incredible women I know who have gone through hell and are still breathing when the dust settles. Life is so so hard sometimes and it will totally throw some curve balls that knock you out for a bit, but you can't lay there in the dirt forever! I get up and dust myself off! I choose to view each day as a gift and realize that life is sometimes crappie but I don't learn a dang thing when everything is peachy. My life is nothing like I had imagined it but I wouldn't change a thing. I have definitely softened and realized that everyone is fighting a hard battle. I close myself off most the time... except to family. It's a defense mechanism that is just built in and makes me who I am but I've decided to open up a little. Pushing the publish button at the end of this is going to be hard and I'm sure I will feel naked so bare with me.
Well we can't have kid's and it sucks. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary in February and I am truly blessed to have such an amazing husband. After years of infertility treatments including a failed in vitro we decided to look to adopt. We filled out the insanely long application (this took me 6 months to complete because I am not a patient person). So our profile was up December of 2012 and we were contacted the first of March, 2013 by a young 19 yr old girl. She was due the end of August. We were thrilled and soon we found out she was having a girl! We traveled up to meet our BM (birth mom) and instantly clicked. While visiting we decided on naming her Kailaya. Our BM was from Hawaii but living in Utah and wanted to go home for a bit to be with family for support so when the end of June came around we were getting anxious to have her back in Utah. I got a call on June 24th which was my birthday from our BM's mother. She was nervous and said our BM wouldn't talk to me because she was scared we would change our mind. My thoughts are spinning and I asked if everything was okay? She then told me yes, but baby Kai was small and that the baby was a boy and not a girl! I think my mouth dropped open and it took me a second to respond. How could they make such a big mistake this late in the game? I said of course that's not going to make us change our minds and we were just as thrilled! And we we're! From that point on I was trying to switch gears and take everything pink back for blue... which was a lot! I tucked away the beautiful hand-stitched baby girl quilt I had made and started selecting boy fabric for a new one. Luckily I had painted our nursery a light grey... phew! Everything was on schedule, we had flown our BM back from Hawaii and we were planning on driving up that weekend to meet her mother who was flying in a couple days later. Brad was at scout camp and on his way home from a brutal 2 days in which he had only slept 6 hours. He is a very patient person so I can imagine he was on his last thread to grab a deacon by the neck, lift him 3 feet in the air over chairs and slam him down to tell him through gritted teeth to GO TO BED!!! (I learned this from this boys mother, who is also a dear friend, as she dropped some cookies off as a peace offering for Brad when he got home). So Brad is on his way home and I have nothing better to do than browse through Walmart. I still remember it was 8pm on Wednesday night and I get a call from our caseworker Darren. He says there are things that our BM hasn't been telling us. She has been seeing a specialist and we need to go to the next ultrasound ASAP. I'm standing in Walmart and hiding behind shelves trying to hold it together when Brad calls me. I loose it and make a mad dash to my car. Our plan: text BM to explain we decided to come into town early and were hoping we could come along for her ultrasound she was scheduled for the next morning at 9am, if she says yes then get packed and get on the road as soon as Brad pulls in at 11pm. So I text her and she says yes, but to meet at her Aunt's house at 8am because she needs to talk to us before we go to the ultrasound. So Brad gets home and we don't even turn the car off. We get to Brads parents at 4am. We can't even sleep but we try. 7am we get up and get ready then drive over to meet up with everyone. We walk in and it's kinda somber, our BM is very withdrawn and I could tell everyone was nervous. Her Aunt sits us down and they start to explain that the Dr's are concerned that baby Kai may have a syndrome because he isn't growing and he is ambiguous, which means they can't tell if he has boy or girl parts but they have ran all sorts of tests and chromosomally he is a boy. They are concerned he may have to have hormone shots possibly for life and also that his body can't metabolize cholesterol. They think it's Smith Lemli Opitz syndrome but it's just a guess and our BM is a carrier for this syndrome. They are just telling us now because they didn't think it was serious since no tests have come back positive. So we say that this isn't going to change our minds and everything will be fine. In fact I remember having a strong feeling come over me that everything was going to be okay, it was similar to how I felt when we found out Brad had cancer right before we got married. I knew that it was okay. So we went to the ultrasound and watched as the Dr made notes and took measurements and tried to explain that best case scenario our BM would be delivering in less than 3 weeks if baby Kai wasn't growing at the next visit in a week. The Dr also explained that with Smith Lemli Opitz that sometimes babies don't survive long after birth and to brace for possibly a long stay in the NICU. I was trying to put on a brave face and so was Brad. We then watched as our BM was hooked up to a different monitor that watched baby Kai's heart beat. While we waited I helped our BM fill out the adoption paper work for what she wanted to happen once she went into labor. I kept telling her this doesn't change anything.
When we left the hospital Brad didn't say a word the 30 minutes we drove back to his parents but tears were streaming down his face. He decided he needed to go for a drive and wanted to drop me off. I was hesitant because we were both exhausted and Brad more so than me with only maybe 8 hrs of sleep in 72 hours. But I knew he needed some time alone so I walked into his parents downstairs only to find his sister Tara who just looked at me and could tell there was something wrong. I just melted into her arms and broke down sobbing. We stayed through the weekend and Pam (Brad's mom) and I went on a girls lunch date that Saturday with our BM, her mom and her Aunt. We really had a good time and even though it was gloomy we all had hope that everything would be okay.
On Sunday Brad and I were getting ready to leave and Brad's dad Dave decided to give us each a priesthood blessing. In his prayer he said that I have a choice and that I needed to pray for the right answer. Those words hit me so hard. Up to this point I had never even considered that I had a choice. So we got home Sunday night and by the next morning I decided that we needed to have a family fast ASAP! So I called up the whole family and asked them to all join with us in a true 24 hr fast. Which, I'm ashamed to say, would be my first time to do a true 24hr fast. We started our fast Monday afternoon and I prayed that if this was meant to be and we were suppose to adopt baby Kai that we would have peace no matter what and come what may. And if we weren't meant to adopt him that we wouldn't have guilt and we would know that it wasn't meant to be. So Tuesday at 2pm we met with our caseworker. We were still fasting and praying continually. We hadn't made our decision, so Darren read to us a talk about receiving an answer to your prayers by one of the apostles. He said that first we need to pray with a sincere heart and then we must make a decision and if it's right we will have a feeling of peace but if not then we will have a stupor of thought. Then he started running through different scenarios with us. He ran through about 5 different scenarios when he said "how would you feel if baby Kai was born and everything was okay but a different family adopted him?". I looked at Darren and said without even skipping a beat "I would be happy for them". Right then it surprised me that I knew in my heart that I had made a decision and the feelings that came after we're unexplainable and I knew without a doubt he was meant to be in a different family. I didn't even feel guilt and that in it's self was truly amazing! When Brad and I got home that night we ended our fast with a prayer and knew that it was right. Throughout the evening we were even back to ourselves with each other and Brad even mentioned that he had noticed a positive change in our demeanor. Well, the hardest part wasn't over. The next day we called our BM and delivered the news. I could hardly talk and she was devastated and crying. It was the most difficult thing to do because I truly did love our BM. I was so protective of her and hated hurting her. I still love her to this day and understand why she kept things from us. She was terrified and desperate. We had such an easy going relationship and I felt like I was her big sister in a way.
So life went back to normal for us. Our profile went back up and we were both in a good place then we got an email from our BM a month and a half after baby Kai was born. He was still in the NICU and very small but he was doing great and the Dr's hadn't found anything wrong with him. She was wanting us to reconsider with this new information. I immediately hopped out of bed my heart pounding and started packing! This little precious baby was still in the hospital and she had still not chosen a family to adopt him yet and I was not going to let him be there any longer alone because everything in me wanted a baby and he was there waiting for a mommy and a daddy!!! What were we waiting for?!? Let's just say Brad had one hell of a fight getting me back to bed that night and convincing me that we could wait until morning. So the next day we got up and started discussing what to do and it was so interesting to me because I started feeling guilty that I was taking him away from the family that was meant to adopt him! Are you kidding me??? So once again we knelt in prayer and once again we got our answer. I know that everything happens for a reason and I know that God knows me and has a plan for little, tiny, insignificant me! So we sent an email back to our BM telling her how we felt. And that is totally not the end of the story, but I need to go to sleep. Stay tuned! ;)

Friday, April 04, 2014

Jazz 100's Club woot woot!

Had one spoiled night with a once in a life time high roller special sitting on the floor and eating dinner above the court... was seriously amazing!!! Now only if the Jazz could win a flippin game!!! Seriously!

Planting tree's.... We are soooo ready for spring!!!

We (meaning Brad is doing the labor and I am bossing him around and telling him how sexy he looks with a shovel) are FINALLY planting some tree's! Wahoo!!! Seeing all the dead Palm tree's around town is soooo sad, we were lucky and only lost one... maybe two out of our four. So excited for the warm weather ahead! Very much in need of some nice warm sun right about now! ;)

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Fun times!!!

Girls weekend!

Every year we get together once and it's usually over the parade of homes weekend but this year we decided to change things up a bit. I'm so lucky to have these amazing women/ friends in my life! Maybe one day we will live closer again. ;) I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time! Hate to see it end, but all good things must come to an end. Until next year.... :)