Saturday, September 12, 2009

2009 Farmer Family Reuinion

This year Brad and I were in charge of our family reunion. Everyone came down to us and we went swimming to Sandhollow. It was really fun... all except getting the swimmers itch. Eeek. Anyways,thanks everyone. We love having you down. Can't wait for next years reunion! Heres some pictures of throughout the weekend.

We were in Old Navy and Nick and Brad were dancing to a Michael Jackson Song that was playing it was hillarious! I kept catching just the end of their moves, but at least I got a little. HA!

You have to watch careful for Brad to do his "Dip" It totally caught me off guard!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Louie telling me he is soooo mad he got wet... So cute :)

Louie was being chased by a dog that had only one thing on his mind... so he was desperate and started swimming out into the middle of the lake. I was scared to death and paddling frantically towards him. Then when he finally made it he told me how mad he was at me for leaving him and how cold he was it was pretty cute after he was finally safe and my panic turned to relief.

More Camping at Cedar Mountain!

Camping in Paragona

My computer crashed

My computer crashed a while ago so we got a laptop and it is great but I cant figure out how to download the pictures. I was totally bummed the night it crashed cuz we had just gotten home from the second hand serenade concert and I had just got done downloading all of our pictures and deleting them off my camera when my computer had a melt down. Literally, CRAPPY! Brad even caught the drumstick from Parachute's drummer. So bear with me for the pictures and what we have been up to.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Would anyone care for a little Sleep Screaming?

Does anyone know what causes sleep talk or for instance... Sleep Scream!!?? Brad has issues with Snakes. He is scared to death of them! This has totally been interupting my peacful nights when I am interupted from my dead sleep to my mad man husband screaming and jumping over me in the middle of the night because he thinks there is a snake after him "It was slidding down the mountain to get me!" This has happened MORE than once or twice in the last few months but this one happened last night!
Let me narrate how one night went just recently.
Brad Jumps and Screams - "There's a lizard over there!!!"
Me - "What? Brad wake up"
Brad - "Look at that big freaking lizzard! Thats a Big Freaking Lizzard!!!"
Me - "Brad theres no Giant Lizzard hon, Wake up!"
So I get up to go to the bathroom cuz I am fully awake now and exhausted after 4 nights in a row of being STARTLED from Brads relentless sleep screaming! On my way to the bathroom Brad is still screaming at me to get away from the lizard because its going to get me!!!
Does ANYONE know what may cause this and the cure?! HA! Cuz I'm going crazy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It was recently my Birthday...

and Brad surprised me with flowers and a cake (so not him to get flowers... all my nagging has paid off :P)BUT...Im really 26 hon! I still love ya though!

My Arizona Fam!

Me and my sister Summer. Whenever we get together we always end up dressed alike or our hair cut the same... weird freaky stuff like that. I guess we have the same taste.

Me and my Dad Greg

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pictures from up North this last week. It was fun seeing everyone! We miss you.

So there we all are sitting in the back yard and all the sudden we hear... HELP! HELP! HELP! We looked over, someone (probably either Joe buck, Brad, or Grandpa) had locked the boys in the cardboard box so they couldn't get out. It was pretty funny cuz they kept sticking there little noses up to the little handle openings and screaming for help. Haha we were all laughing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WHAT THE %@$&!!!!

So... the other morning I'm totally relaxed making pancakes.... then I look out the back of my kitchen windows and FREAK!!! This was totally cool! I was freaking out like a little kid! Whoa!!! I think they had to make an emergency landing cuz the wind picked up and just about blew them into the mountain. I also think that I just about gave Brad a heart attack! :P Ha!

Hiking at Zion!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tagged... 6 things that make me happy

I was tagged by Kortnee Nelson
6 things that make me happy are:
#1. When I pray and feel the spirit overwhelm me. I feel like everything in the world is just perfect and that I am loved so much and I am so lucky to be blessed with everything I have. I love feeling close to my Heavenly Father. Prayer is such a powerful thing.
2. My hubby putting his arms around me and holding me and telling me that he loves me so much and snuggling.
3. Dancing... dancing in my kitchen, goofy dancing with brad, goofy dancing with anyone, dancing in the rain, just dancing. Shakin' that thang, ya know. Ha!
4. Getting a phone call from an old friend just cuz they were thinking about me.
5. Going on VACATION!!! (Not to crowded places, this may cause the opposite effect:P)
6. Laying in the grass on a sunny day and feeling the sun on my skin, the smell of spring and new flowers blooming, just relaxing and hanging out with the ones I love.

I tag Krissy Doll, Kati, Tara, Amy, Jeana, and Kimi.
The rules are to write down six things that make you happy then make sure to let the person who tagged you know that you did it then tag 6 more people and copy and paste the rules so they know what to do. Have fun.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Parade of Homes

So this weekend all my sister in-laws came down and stayed with us to go to the parade of homes. It was way fun. Brad and I finished up a couple of houses today, we went and saw the big one #19 The Maison Enchante. HOLY MOLY, this house is HUGE and its totally liveable. I was surprised cuz sometimes the big ones are totally unpractical and there is no way you could "live" in them. But this house was amazing! Tara, Kati, Amy... you missed out! You totally should have seen that one before you left. My favorite though was a really small one. House #18 The Alicante. It was so dang unique and classy on the inside. It really reminded me of taking classical and contemporary and mixing them together. AWESOME. I didn't care for the outside look much though. I didn't take any pictures and I haven't added any pics lately cuz my camera is posessed and doesn't work very well, so I am just waiting for a new one to magically appear! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Im back to the blogging world!

Sooo, the whole facebook thing got a little crazy and was to much like a highschool reunion and I think it gave my computer a virus so I deactivated myself. I decided I like the blog better, even if it takes a little more time.
My life has been crazy lately. I recently went up to Idaho to see my little sis Chrissy and her baby my brand new little nephew Crue. He is such a cute little "Monkey" (What Chrissy calls him constantly)If you know Chrissy at all she is and was all about Monkeys when she was little.
Work has been crazy too. That HCG diet is nutso. We have between 20 and 30 new patients each day that want HCG.
CURTAINS! AAAAHHHH! I am still having issues with the whole curtain thing. If you have any ideas PLEASE, I am begging you, HELP ME!!!
My little sister Bailee is going to be coming down to live with us. She is scheduled to be down sometime this week.
We have a bishops interview tonight... I dont know what he has in mind, but Brad just got called to be the new scouts leader so we are both convinced its not about him... eeek.