Sunday, June 20, 2010

A our drive way!!!

So basically this is my new car!!!! Ha I wish!!!!!!! This thing is worth more than my life! Our neighbor parked it in our drive way for just a few minutes while he was loading up all his show cars! Brad and I were all smiles and I had to bust the camera out. The speedometer went to 270! WoW!!! No we didn't get to drive it... oh well... it was still fun to look at!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Okay sooo ....

I totally read 3 of Marcia Lynn McClures books this weekend and they were all sooooo good but I think I have a new favorite! A Crimson Frost, then Saphyr Snow. They are really good.... my poor husband! I call my sister in law Tara...the one that got me addicted.... and we rant and rave about each one that we read! I love it! Thanks Tara.... I don't think Brad appreciates it though but it's fun to have someone to talk to that has read them... and loves them!

Oh and P.S. we did go up to Kolob and Springdale so I didn't just read all weekend long... its sooo pretty! We hit the "car seat burns my A@#" weather the last two days.... uuuggghhh! Oh well 3 months of swoobs, swass, and as Brad says "Swalls" is not bad... I will take it! Do ya think I've offended anyone?!Oh dang.

I guess we are headed up to the valley for a Miller reunion the end of July! Yay.... finally.... huckleberrys!!!!! MMMMMMMmmmmmmm! I haven't seen some of my cousins since before I graduated... I can't believe thats been almost 10 years.... I'm getting old... as my grandma would say (because we don't have kids yet) "Your no spring chicken!" Well.... its a good thing theres such thing as Botox! But its kinda confusing for Brad cuz he can't tell when he's skating on thin ice.... haahhaa. I have said too much! and this was only suppose to be the P.S part.