Monday, October 11, 2010



So Lexi is home and doing better today... watching cartoons. She is still on morphine but her injuries haven't seemed to hurt her personality :) She is all wrapped up and has a cone on her head to keep her from touching at anything. Pray for no infections. Thanks for everyones prayers and concern! I started going through old emails to see if I had some pics of my sisters and their kids. All I could find was these and they are about a year old.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love and prayers!!!

I don't really think I have explained my moms side of the family very well on my blog. I guess I dont really see them very much and not because I dont want to but because they live the farthest away and all the pictures you see that I have are mostly all e-mailed to me because I am a crappy picture taker. I really need to shed some light on my family I love and was raised with. I know sometimes I'd like to smack some sense into them but I still love them. I am the oldest on my moms side. I have 3 little sisters. Raquel who is 25 and has a little girl Lexie and married to Steven, Chrissy who is 23 and has a little boy Crue and is married to Jacob, and Bailee who is 20 and thinks she has it all figured out but is very confused. My mom Diana and dad Randy were married when I was 8 and my dad Randy adopted all of us girls! He raised us all .... and taught us how to hunt, fight (mainly box....which caused a lot of early lost teeth), ride horses, camp, work hard, laugh hard and sing in unison on our trail rides and campouts to Bar-J Wranglers... we know every song basically. We lived on a ranch in Felt Idaho (Teton Valley Idaho... about 30 min. from Jackson WY) we all use to participate with my dad at the local rodeo's, we collected the eggs in the morning after I beat off Roy our rotten rooster... I think my mom broke two purse straps on that stinker! He was mean! We helped my dad feed all our horses, cows, chickens, cats, dogs, farrets, you name it we had it at one point. We are all animal lovers for sure and our childhood has a lot to do with that. Well I gues that leads me to why I am reminiscing.... we had an unfortunate event happen last night. My niece Lexi who is 5 was attacked by a pitbull. She spent the night in critical condition. The plastic surgeon said he stopped counting the stitches after 300. She has a 10 inch laceration going down the back of her head and a 6 inch laceration going across the other direction on top of her head closer to the forehead. She has several cuts elsewhere and a "U" shaped laceration between her eyes. She is stable but the surgeon said to pray for no infection where all the damage is so close to her brain and she is so young. I am asking everyone to please remember my family in your prayers. They are going through a lot right now. Love you all.

Monday, October 04, 2010

My little brother!

I dont think I have mentioned the reason why this event to go see my little brother play football was so important to me. Taylor and I have never actually met. We have the same dad but different moms. I didn't meet my real dad until I was 2o years old. So meeting my little brother for the first time... there are no words to explain it! Of coarse I was shaking like crazy and on the brink of tears but I held it together and just kept hugging and touching him! I only talked with him briefly but it was soooo sooo worth it! I hope this is the beginning of a life long relationship! He is a sweety!!! I already love him like I have known him my whole life.