Friday, September 03, 2010

More Sleep Screams!

So I am half tempted to set up a motion sensore recording in our room. This is how our night went last night:
Its 11:30 pm and I am sound asleep... we go to bed like 9:30 or 10:00pm..... and all of the sudden I am wakened from my neurotic husband jumping out of bed and dancing around the room screaming SNAAAAKE!!!
We finally get back to bed, our blood pressure returns to normal and we doze to sleep.... only until about 12:10 when I SWEAR I hear a window break and the glass shattering on the tile floor! Louie (our yorky) comes running in the room right as I sit up in bed dazed and confused and frantically start slapping and pounding at Brad to wake up.
Brad and I walk through the whole house, check all the windows, look in the garage, look outside.... nothing. Now Brads calling me the crazy one! We are not having a good nights rest!
We finally get to sleep I dont know what time but I locked our bedroom door and got my pepper spray set on the bed stand right where I could grab it fast... maybe thats not a good idea since Brad is the one startling me half the time!
Then once again at around 2:00 Brad sits up screaming which results in me slapping him and awake and swearing at him in the process!
I have tried to come to a conclusion what causes these night screams .... but its happened since I have been married to him. Maybe 3 or 4 nights out of the month. It use to not happen so much but I think its getting worse. What the heck should do?