Saturday, November 20, 2010


Kitchen "face lift" new kitchen faucet and black knobs

Newer and improved entryway table

Family pictures

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Another day at the office

What Brad does in a day!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Brads little Brothers Homecoming

The boys in the Fam!

I love my fam!

We have been buisy latley.... Geeesh! Sorry for all the posts but Im catching up!

Brads Magic

My husband is amazing at building me things... like this AMAZING entry way table!

Thriller with the girls!!!

We had a blast going to Tuachan and watching Thriller.... We first of all stopped off at Pizza Factory and had dinner then off to the show.

Monday, October 11, 2010



So Lexi is home and doing better today... watching cartoons. She is still on morphine but her injuries haven't seemed to hurt her personality :) She is all wrapped up and has a cone on her head to keep her from touching at anything. Pray for no infections. Thanks for everyones prayers and concern! I started going through old emails to see if I had some pics of my sisters and their kids. All I could find was these and they are about a year old.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love and prayers!!!

I don't really think I have explained my moms side of the family very well on my blog. I guess I dont really see them very much and not because I dont want to but because they live the farthest away and all the pictures you see that I have are mostly all e-mailed to me because I am a crappy picture taker. I really need to shed some light on my family I love and was raised with. I know sometimes I'd like to smack some sense into them but I still love them. I am the oldest on my moms side. I have 3 little sisters. Raquel who is 25 and has a little girl Lexie and married to Steven, Chrissy who is 23 and has a little boy Crue and is married to Jacob, and Bailee who is 20 and thinks she has it all figured out but is very confused. My mom Diana and dad Randy were married when I was 8 and my dad Randy adopted all of us girls! He raised us all .... and taught us how to hunt, fight (mainly box....which caused a lot of early lost teeth), ride horses, camp, work hard, laugh hard and sing in unison on our trail rides and campouts to Bar-J Wranglers... we know every song basically. We lived on a ranch in Felt Idaho (Teton Valley Idaho... about 30 min. from Jackson WY) we all use to participate with my dad at the local rodeo's, we collected the eggs in the morning after I beat off Roy our rotten rooster... I think my mom broke two purse straps on that stinker! He was mean! We helped my dad feed all our horses, cows, chickens, cats, dogs, farrets, you name it we had it at one point. We are all animal lovers for sure and our childhood has a lot to do with that. Well I gues that leads me to why I am reminiscing.... we had an unfortunate event happen last night. My niece Lexi who is 5 was attacked by a pitbull. She spent the night in critical condition. The plastic surgeon said he stopped counting the stitches after 300. She has a 10 inch laceration going down the back of her head and a 6 inch laceration going across the other direction on top of her head closer to the forehead. She has several cuts elsewhere and a "U" shaped laceration between her eyes. She is stable but the surgeon said to pray for no infection where all the damage is so close to her brain and she is so young. I am asking everyone to please remember my family in your prayers. They are going through a lot right now. Love you all.

Monday, October 04, 2010

My little brother!

I dont think I have mentioned the reason why this event to go see my little brother play football was so important to me. Taylor and I have never actually met. We have the same dad but different moms. I didn't meet my real dad until I was 2o years old. So meeting my little brother for the first time... there are no words to explain it! Of coarse I was shaking like crazy and on the brink of tears but I held it together and just kept hugging and touching him! I only talked with him briefly but it was soooo sooo worth it! I hope this is the beginning of a life long relationship! He is a sweety!!! I already love him like I have known him my whole life.

Friday, September 03, 2010

More Sleep Screams!

So I am half tempted to set up a motion sensore recording in our room. This is how our night went last night:
Its 11:30 pm and I am sound asleep... we go to bed like 9:30 or 10:00pm..... and all of the sudden I am wakened from my neurotic husband jumping out of bed and dancing around the room screaming SNAAAAKE!!!
We finally get back to bed, our blood pressure returns to normal and we doze to sleep.... only until about 12:10 when I SWEAR I hear a window break and the glass shattering on the tile floor! Louie (our yorky) comes running in the room right as I sit up in bed dazed and confused and frantically start slapping and pounding at Brad to wake up.
Brad and I walk through the whole house, check all the windows, look in the garage, look outside.... nothing. Now Brads calling me the crazy one! We are not having a good nights rest!
We finally get to sleep I dont know what time but I locked our bedroom door and got my pepper spray set on the bed stand right where I could grab it fast... maybe thats not a good idea since Brad is the one startling me half the time!
Then once again at around 2:00 Brad sits up screaming which results in me slapping him and awake and swearing at him in the process!
I have tried to come to a conclusion what causes these night screams .... but its happened since I have been married to him. Maybe 3 or 4 nights out of the month. It use to not happen so much but I think its getting worse. What the heck should do?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Arizona Fam

Bo and Kayley (cuz's)
Neice and Nephew Aaliyah and Micah

Dad and Steph

Grammy, Steph, Me, Chelsea (cuz)

Uncle Jeff, Grampy, my dad
Grampy and Grammy

Me and Grammy

Brad's HOT Italian Glasses!

We all took a turn....

Summer (Sis), Grammy, Me

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just talking thoughts!

Holy crap I havent posted in forever!
I am going to just write thoughts for a moment.... so bear with me.
Trying to learn patience today.
Lets just say driving is not when I am at my best!
I need a sign that says "the world does not revolve around you Ashley!"
I guess the first thing to fixing a bad thing is first of all admiting you have a "Thing".
I was laughing my butt off tonight as Jeff Lewis on Flipping out told Jenni that her outfit was so tight he could see her ovaries!!! Ha! Thats awesome!
I have been working a lot latley
Maybe thats why I keep getting sick...
Need a massage! BAD!
anyone??? for free??? Ha!
I love my husband. He has cooked me chicken noodle soup twice in the last week!
What the crap! Why do I keep getting sick!
Anyways, my family reunion was so good! I am happy I got to see some of my family. I miss them so much! I actually didn't draw blood and I have no bald patches of hair! Its a miracle!!!
I am getting GREY HAIR! And not just a little! Seriously! Amber, I need my hair done bad! I know I should not pluck the grey hair.... but I have to on my part!!! I'd rather be bald.... well maybe not but still...
I think my friends are the bomb diggity! Maybe if I get a copy of our most recent pic I will share. I will see what I can do.... all I can say is I love them!
So you know how when you work for a doctor and all these ppl come in with all these different problems and then after a while you start diagnosing your self with all the same problems??? well yeah I need to stop!!!
I am getting old! I have spider veins.... and age spots.... and incompitent veins.... and cherry angiomas....
..... and on top of that..... a sore throat, stuffed up head, bulging eyes cuz of snot pressure, and not to mention CRAMPS!!!! Blah! What the crap!
Right about now I am sounding like one of those ppl that suck the energy from you cuz all they can do is complain... and they are always the victim .... you know what I'm talking about?
Maybe I need to think of the glass half full instead of half empty... Im really not a negative person..... I may be evil tho... only sometimes.... when I was little I secretly wanted all the evil witches to win..... is that evil?!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Finished guest bedroom! Yay!

Now we just need the guests.... hint hint! I still need to get some decor up on the walls... and I'm thinking I want brad to make a fun headboard but I am so proud of the out come. I LOVE the colors! Its my "Pier room" since my favorite place to visit is the piers. When I have guests that are on vacation I want it to feel authentic... besides the colors are so soothing, tranquil and happy.... to me anyways. :)
Guess what!?!
I made the curtains! Whaaahoo! I am seriously proud of myself!!!

Isn't it amazing what a lil' paint, fabric and garage sale items will do??? I love it!!!
P.S. I will let you in on a little secret.... the curtain rod all together cost me under $20!!! Theres not a good picture of it but basically you get a steel pole from Home-Depo or Lowes cut it to the length you want, hammer in pieces of wood that you have sized and cut out into each end then go to Lowes and get the screw-in ends. Then spray paint the hole thing when your done! Vwallla! You can thank my genius husband for that!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A our drive way!!!

So basically this is my new car!!!! Ha I wish!!!!!!! This thing is worth more than my life! Our neighbor parked it in our drive way for just a few minutes while he was loading up all his show cars! Brad and I were all smiles and I had to bust the camera out. The speedometer went to 270! WoW!!! No we didn't get to drive it... oh well... it was still fun to look at!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Okay sooo ....

I totally read 3 of Marcia Lynn McClures books this weekend and they were all sooooo good but I think I have a new favorite! A Crimson Frost, then Saphyr Snow. They are really good.... my poor husband! I call my sister in law Tara...the one that got me addicted.... and we rant and rave about each one that we read! I love it! Thanks Tara.... I don't think Brad appreciates it though but it's fun to have someone to talk to that has read them... and loves them!

Oh and P.S. we did go up to Kolob and Springdale so I didn't just read all weekend long... its sooo pretty! We hit the "car seat burns my A@#" weather the last two days.... uuuggghhh! Oh well 3 months of swoobs, swass, and as Brad says "Swalls" is not bad... I will take it! Do ya think I've offended anyone?!Oh dang.

I guess we are headed up to the valley for a Miller reunion the end of July! Yay.... finally.... huckleberrys!!!!! MMMMMMMmmmmmmm! I haven't seen some of my cousins since before I graduated... I can't believe thats been almost 10 years.... I'm getting old... as my grandma would say (because we don't have kids yet) "Your no spring chicken!" Well.... its a good thing theres such thing as Botox! But its kinda confusing for Brad cuz he can't tell when he's skating on thin ice.... haahhaa. I have said too much! and this was only suppose to be the P.S part.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Confession.... I have an addiction!!!

So I am confessing I love love love a sappy but clean romance book! Let me just tell you.... you need to read Marcia Lynn McClure's books! I cant put them down!!! Brad hates it cuz I am soooooo boring and completely useless!!! Ha! Okay!... I am admitting it.... I am worthless for the entire book.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Old Louie vs New Louie

This is Louie before his haircut.... also sabbatoge for Brad for saying his Truck is my Competition!
Haircut FINALLY! He's such a little gangledy thing under all that hair... mind you I didn't get him cut for a year! My reasoning... lets just say the last cut he got slaughtered and I was a little bitter. Brad thinks the one year thing is great... maybe I should make him trim around his butt... then we will see if he still thinks its a fantastic idea. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mexico Trip Pics


Awwww.... Sister loves!


Puerto Vallarta