Saturday, August 21, 2010

Arizona Fam

Bo and Kayley (cuz's)
Neice and Nephew Aaliyah and Micah

Dad and Steph

Grammy, Steph, Me, Chelsea (cuz)

Uncle Jeff, Grampy, my dad
Grampy and Grammy

Me and Grammy

Brad's HOT Italian Glasses!

We all took a turn....

Summer (Sis), Grammy, Me

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just talking thoughts!

Holy crap I havent posted in forever!
I am going to just write thoughts for a moment.... so bear with me.
Trying to learn patience today.
Lets just say driving is not when I am at my best!
I need a sign that says "the world does not revolve around you Ashley!"
I guess the first thing to fixing a bad thing is first of all admiting you have a "Thing".
I was laughing my butt off tonight as Jeff Lewis on Flipping out told Jenni that her outfit was so tight he could see her ovaries!!! Ha! Thats awesome!
I have been working a lot latley
Maybe thats why I keep getting sick...
Need a massage! BAD!
anyone??? for free??? Ha!
I love my husband. He has cooked me chicken noodle soup twice in the last week!
What the crap! Why do I keep getting sick!
Anyways, my family reunion was so good! I am happy I got to see some of my family. I miss them so much! I actually didn't draw blood and I have no bald patches of hair! Its a miracle!!!
I am getting GREY HAIR! And not just a little! Seriously! Amber, I need my hair done bad! I know I should not pluck the grey hair.... but I have to on my part!!! I'd rather be bald.... well maybe not but still...
I think my friends are the bomb diggity! Maybe if I get a copy of our most recent pic I will share. I will see what I can do.... all I can say is I love them!
So you know how when you work for a doctor and all these ppl come in with all these different problems and then after a while you start diagnosing your self with all the same problems??? well yeah I need to stop!!!
I am getting old! I have spider veins.... and age spots.... and incompitent veins.... and cherry angiomas....
..... and on top of that..... a sore throat, stuffed up head, bulging eyes cuz of snot pressure, and not to mention CRAMPS!!!! Blah! What the crap!
Right about now I am sounding like one of those ppl that suck the energy from you cuz all they can do is complain... and they are always the victim .... you know what I'm talking about?
Maybe I need to think of the glass half full instead of half empty... Im really not a negative person..... I may be evil tho... only sometimes.... when I was little I secretly wanted all the evil witches to win..... is that evil?!