Monday, February 16, 2009

Parade of Homes

So this weekend all my sister in-laws came down and stayed with us to go to the parade of homes. It was way fun. Brad and I finished up a couple of houses today, we went and saw the big one #19 The Maison Enchante. HOLY MOLY, this house is HUGE and its totally liveable. I was surprised cuz sometimes the big ones are totally unpractical and there is no way you could "live" in them. But this house was amazing! Tara, Kati, Amy... you missed out! You totally should have seen that one before you left. My favorite though was a really small one. House #18 The Alicante. It was so dang unique and classy on the inside. It really reminded me of taking classical and contemporary and mixing them together. AWESOME. I didn't care for the outside look much though. I didn't take any pictures and I haven't added any pics lately cuz my camera is posessed and doesn't work very well, so I am just waiting for a new one to magically appear! :)