Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tagged... 6 things that make me happy

I was tagged by Kortnee Nelson
6 things that make me happy are:
#1. When I pray and feel the spirit overwhelm me. I feel like everything in the world is just perfect and that I am loved so much and I am so lucky to be blessed with everything I have. I love feeling close to my Heavenly Father. Prayer is such a powerful thing.
2. My hubby putting his arms around me and holding me and telling me that he loves me so much and snuggling.
3. Dancing... dancing in my kitchen, goofy dancing with brad, goofy dancing with anyone, dancing in the rain, just dancing. Shakin' that thang, ya know. Ha!
4. Getting a phone call from an old friend just cuz they were thinking about me.
5. Going on VACATION!!! (Not to crowded places, this may cause the opposite effect:P)
6. Laying in the grass on a sunny day and feeling the sun on my skin, the smell of spring and new flowers blooming, just relaxing and hanging out with the ones I love.

I tag Krissy Doll, Kati, Tara, Amy, Jeana, and Kimi.
The rules are to write down six things that make you happy then make sure to let the person who tagged you know that you did it then tag 6 more people and copy and paste the rules so they know what to do. Have fun.