Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shopping in Vegas

Tara and I had so much fun in Vegas doing our annual post Christmas shopping! We topped it all off by eating lunch at my favorite restaurant Maggiano's! Had a blast! Got some cute stuff for awesome deals.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Handkerchief Dress

How to make:

I just eyeballed and drew the top of the dress on a blank piece of paper (I folded the paper in half and made adjustments to get it even on both sides), then cut it out. From top to bottom it measured about 4 inches. I traced this onto the back of a paper plate and cut it out so I had a heavy duty stencil to trace around the poems once they were printed onto white card stock paper.
I found the "Threads of Eternity" poem on the internet and copy and pasted it into word document, shrunk the font (Lucida Handwriting) size down to 6 and the title to 14. Put two to a page then traced the dress around the poems once they were printed.

You will need these items: white hankie, a jumbo paperclip, a bobby pin, scissors, a small rose/flower (I got mine from walmart in a small package), glue gun, and needle nose craft pliers

cut out top of dress and set aside

Get the paperclip and needle-nose pliers.
*you can watch a video on how to make a minature hanger on youtube.

Open up paper clip and make a hook going backwards with the shorter side (right side)

The hook goes towards the back

now straighten out the longer side

Hook the shorter side you made the hook with to the longer side and bend wire to make an even bottom half of the hanger.

What it should look like once you have positioned the hook to make it look even.

Then use your pliers to make the hook for the top of the hanger. This will take some working. Try to make the neck of the hanger (above the small hook) longer so you can glue the small rose there. The paper clip should be the perfect length. On the youtube video the lady cut off the end of the wire to make a smaller hook but I like it better this way.

On this little rose I was able to work the hanger behind the petals so it will stay on better

Move it down onto the neck of the hanger and position it for gluing.

Glue the flower in place


Now get your cut out top of dress. Turn it over and glue bobby pin to back right at the waist.

glue the hanger in place
Then get your handkerchief and follow the folding instructions below

Put the handkerchief in the bobby pin and WALAA!!! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Holy Smokes! I might be back to the blogging world!

This is all new! Crap! Now I'm gonna need to relearn how to blog...not that I knew how before! I am going to try to blog promises!