Monday, July 06, 2009

Would anyone care for a little Sleep Screaming?

Does anyone know what causes sleep talk or for instance... Sleep Scream!!?? Brad has issues with Snakes. He is scared to death of them! This has totally been interupting my peacful nights when I am interupted from my dead sleep to my mad man husband screaming and jumping over me in the middle of the night because he thinks there is a snake after him "It was slidding down the mountain to get me!" This has happened MORE than once or twice in the last few months but this one happened last night!
Let me narrate how one night went just recently.
Brad Jumps and Screams - "There's a lizard over there!!!"
Me - "What? Brad wake up"
Brad - "Look at that big freaking lizzard! Thats a Big Freaking Lizzard!!!"
Me - "Brad theres no Giant Lizzard hon, Wake up!"
So I get up to go to the bathroom cuz I am fully awake now and exhausted after 4 nights in a row of being STARTLED from Brads relentless sleep screaming! On my way to the bathroom Brad is still screaming at me to get away from the lizard because its going to get me!!!
Does ANYONE know what may cause this and the cure?! HA! Cuz I'm going crazy!