Monday, July 05, 2010

Finished guest bedroom! Yay!

Now we just need the guests.... hint hint! I still need to get some decor up on the walls... and I'm thinking I want brad to make a fun headboard but I am so proud of the out come. I LOVE the colors! Its my "Pier room" since my favorite place to visit is the piers. When I have guests that are on vacation I want it to feel authentic... besides the colors are so soothing, tranquil and happy.... to me anyways. :)
Guess what!?!
I made the curtains! Whaaahoo! I am seriously proud of myself!!!

Isn't it amazing what a lil' paint, fabric and garage sale items will do??? I love it!!!
P.S. I will let you in on a little secret.... the curtain rod all together cost me under $20!!! Theres not a good picture of it but basically you get a steel pole from Home-Depo or Lowes cut it to the length you want, hammer in pieces of wood that you have sized and cut out into each end then go to Lowes and get the screw-in ends. Then spray paint the hole thing when your done! Vwallla! You can thank my genius husband for that!