Saturday, April 02, 2011


I haven't gotten on my blog for a while. Well I guess its time for me to snap out of it and post something. So this is something! :) Since the last posting not a whole lot has changed. Brad and I still work work work. We are hoping to take some more time this summer to play. I need to get myself in shape. I got a steal of a deal from my friend on a treadmill and that was in January and I have only ran on it like 4 times... horrible... I know! So the plan is to do things that trick my brain into thinking Im doing something fun rather than exercise...Ha! Any ideas??? Dont say get a gym membership cuz i have one... paid 200 bucks for it... it exp in July and I have only used that 4 times :/ dont plan on using it again either! I did just get a bike and put a basket on the front :) Im trying to teach Louie to ride in the basket. Its hilarious... I look like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz, all the little kids stop and look at me like I'm a whacko, but its fun. Well thats about it. Help me out.