Sunday, July 13, 2008


SANDHOLLOW RED SAND MUD FIGHT. It got pretty wicked!!! Joe got what he had coming!! Tara and I had a chicken fight and she went down TWICE! Yeah! Who's the women?! To bad we didn't get pictures of that.;) We had a fun weekend! It was fun seeing everyone! Love you guys (despite what I might have said earlier).

Uncle Brad is SO MEAN!!!!

Tattle Tale!!!


Cute lil' white butt!!

Ian was shakin' it for us. It was quite a show, we were laughing pretty hard!

Plumber butt Ha ha CUTE!


All the girls went and got pedicures. I think we all liked it so much that this is going to be a annual tradition with everyone. Way fun! Thanks to Lisa at Tickled Pink from Tips to Toes! Shes awesome!!! Call me to get her number if you ever want a good pedicure.

All the Grand-Babies

Saying Goodbye to Sand Hollow

We had a great time this weekend. We miss everyone and in spite of all the death threats that I threatened everyone with (the kids and Joe)!