Sunday, May 01, 2011

In need of a vacation

I have some great sites for cheap vacations!!! For cruises we like and for the all inclusive resorts we have been told by friends that this site is the bomb diggity We are always up for a cruise if anyone wants to be our cruising buddies :) We are planning on going later this year with Brads sister Tara and her hubby and their friends if we can get more people to go the better and the funner it is. I think we will probably be doing the carribean cruise that goes to Roanan, Cozumel, Belize and Costa Maya. The prices are pretty good around 350 to 450 a person. Let us know if you wanna come :)

Saturday, April 02, 2011


I haven't gotten on my blog for a while. Well I guess its time for me to snap out of it and post something. So this is something! :) Since the last posting not a whole lot has changed. Brad and I still work work work. We are hoping to take some more time this summer to play. I need to get myself in shape. I got a steal of a deal from my friend on a treadmill and that was in January and I have only ran on it like 4 times... horrible... I know! So the plan is to do things that trick my brain into thinking Im doing something fun rather than exercise...Ha! Any ideas??? Dont say get a gym membership cuz i have one... paid 200 bucks for it... it exp in July and I have only used that 4 times :/ dont plan on using it again either! I did just get a bike and put a basket on the front :) Im trying to teach Louie to ride in the basket. Its hilarious... I look like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz, all the little kids stop and look at me like I'm a whacko, but its fun. Well thats about it. Help me out.