Sunday, August 23, 2009

Louie telling me he is soooo mad he got wet... So cute :)

Louie was being chased by a dog that had only one thing on his mind... so he was desperate and started swimming out into the middle of the lake. I was scared to death and paddling frantically towards him. Then when he finally made it he told me how mad he was at me for leaving him and how cold he was it was pretty cute after he was finally safe and my panic turned to relief.

More Camping at Cedar Mountain!

Camping in Paragona

My computer crashed

My computer crashed a while ago so we got a laptop and it is great but I cant figure out how to download the pictures. I was totally bummed the night it crashed cuz we had just gotten home from the second hand serenade concert and I had just got done downloading all of our pictures and deleting them off my camera when my computer had a melt down. Literally, CRAPPY! Brad even caught the drumstick from Parachute's drummer. So bear with me for the pictures and what we have been up to.