Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's about time

First time ever my Dad had all of his kids together!

Sister Summer, Grammy, and me :)

Most recent Arizona visit

My brothers, sisters, Dad, Step Mom, and Grammy and Grampy in Arizona.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Soul blabbing :) I'm good right now!

I haven't blogged for a while and decided I needed to update. I am really tired of Facebook and instagram... and if I didn't have my business on Facebook I'd totally shut it down sooooo maybe I will just ignore it for a while and blog instead! I don't think anyone blogs anymore... which is actually kind of nice to just blab to no one. Sooooo life is good. Chill but good. Brad is still in his sub tech apprenticeship and wanting to start more school to finish his business management degree and I'm still working from home. By the way, have I ever said I love working from home, being in charge of my own schedule, not having a boss or working with "girls". Yes that is in parenthesis because you know we ain't nothin' but drama when in large groups! I will totally admit it.... D.R.A.M.A..... Its sooooo nice not having to deal with that and all the pressure.
We still have yet to go on a actual vacation... We talk about it all the time but hopefully that is in the near future! Fo sho!
So the other day I was sitting in sacrament (on the back row...courtesy of Brad Farmer) and I was having myself a pity party. I was watching all the cute families with all of their little babies and I was totally feeling sorry for myself....then heavenly father blessed me with a different perspective... My eyes were opened and I started seeing the temper tantrums and the siblings poking or pushing each other, the mothers giving their children that terrorizing glare that's suppose to scare them into behaving but doesn't quite do the trick these days (unless you have a child like me when I was young :) or you have convinced your children that the death glare and eye twitch means their beatings will begin shortly after church if they don't sit still and behave). Well that was enough for me to be okay with what I have now while I can....sweet Freeeeedom! Haha, maybe God knows me a little bit better than I give him credit for. Needless to say, I haven't had a pity-party for myself in the last few week's... okay days. Don't get me wrong cuz I for sure still would jump at the chance to adopt/have a baby, but while we wait for the timing to be right, I'm just gonna be a little more patient and be grateful for what I do have!
I would have never pictured myself with no kids at the age of 30 but that is reality... Crazy! I wouldn't change a thing though, I would never want to change how our trials and challenges has strengthened my relationship with Brad. He is my one and only love of my life!!! He supports me and holds me, makes me laugh, gives me hope and love, kisses and hugs on my darkest days. He knows me better than myself and I know that he is my forever eternal companion and I'm so glad I got lucky enough to snag someone like him ;) well now that I'm crying maybe I should end on that happy note... Writing things down always gives me clarity and releases built up emotions. Sorry I had to bare my soul for a minute there, it doesn't happen very often. But maybe it should.
Peace and love baby! ;)

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